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invest in stocks

Many people say that one shouldn't invest in stock market, but I don't think that people should not invest in stock markets. Many investors are getting profit by investing in the stock market. My cousin has got lots of profit but the investor should be careful and should have full knowledge of stock market.


I agree with your comments, "invest in stocks." If you do not have any training or education about the stock market, then you should not be in the market. And I say the same of any investment. Unforunately, many people are in this situation. They are in the market and have absolutely no idea what they are doing. In essence, they have jumped in the water without a life-preserver vest. Essentially, these people are gambling. The people who say one shouldn't invest in the stock market are either completely ignorant about the stock market or they don't know as mush as they think they know. There are always opportunities to make money in the stock market, you just need to use the right techniques.

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